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hey all :) i'm new to this community & my pokemon ranch :)
i have a few pictures for you guys. somehow my others got deleted =\

crobat is such a meanieCollapse )

that's all for now :)

More Ranch.


"It was an accident, I swear!" - that's poor Sakura, the Mawile getting squashed.

Those damned eevee are up to it again!Collapse )

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More from Glacidia Ranch. <3


As if I needed to further prove to the lot of you that I have no life. XD

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Glacidia Ranch - Full of Eevee!

Yep. That's exactly what it says about my ranch. XD

I'd like for it to be full of Shaymin, since it'd be more appropriate being that it's called Glacidia Ranch, but without the use of a hacking device (which I'd rather not do), I don't see that happening.


More below the cut! x-posted to lineaalba.

What, you thought I was jokin'?Collapse )

Aug. 21st, 2008

Hello, new member here. For my first post I thought I'd ask a question- what Pokemon do you have the most of on your ranch? Provide pics if you can.

As for me... This is gonna get pretty image heavy, just a warning.

Nidoran (f)Collapse )

ChinglingCollapse )

Not nearly as big as the others, but...Collapse )

Ranch friends?

Does anyone want to exchange Wii codes to visit each others ranches? :D

My Wii's number is: 4994 5590 9742 4843

The name of my Wii and my ranch is Glacidia. XD

My Pokemon Ranch Captures ^_^

I've been obsessed with My Pokemon Ranch for the past twenty-four hours, so I've been taking a lot of screen captures.

I've got quite a few below the cut. :D

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