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mypokemonranch's Journal

My Pokémon Ranch - Fans of the new WiiWare game.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
To discuss and share pictures and happenings in My Pokémon Ranch.
Welcome to My Pokémon Ranch! A community for Pokémon fans to gather in the ranch and share their pictures, what's been happening and discuss the new WiiWare game. People can even post art and fiction based on this but please keep it to a minimum!

01. No flaming! Just because someone has Arceus and Shaymin in their ranch doesn't mean you get to be mean to them.
02. No drama! If you don't like someone who is also a member of the community, please keep in mind that this community is about being civil and not act like a spoiled brat.
03. All pictures over 300x300 are to be placed behind a cut. Some of the members might still be on dial-up, so please pay respect for them!
04. Brag about those Mudkips! You can run free with showing off your in-game Pokémon and their stats all you want! Just make sure not to be obnoxious with it.
05. Don't use other people's images for graphics unless you get permission from the member. We want to keep theft to a minimum here. :D
06. Have fun! We all love Pokémon here, let's enjoy it!

We are also mirrored on IJ at My Pokémon Ranch.